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Office Ergonomics Training

Office Ergonomics Training in Ottawa and Gatineau

Whether you work from a home office or represent a large company with hundreds of employees, our team at Ergo-Safety can provide you or your team with office ergonomics training in Ottawa and Gatineau to prevent work-related injuries in the long run. Ergonomics is the science of designing the workstation according to the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Proper office ergonomics, including correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing and good desk posture are essential to keep you comfortable at work.

Virtual Office Ergonomic Course

Our Workshops

Reducing Musculoskeletal Discomfort in the Office

This 60 to 90 minute office ergonomic training in Ottawa and Gatineau presentation will provide your employees with an overview of how to set up their own workstations to suit their individual tasks and comfort. Employees will also learn to decrease fatigue, discomfort and physical stress while increasing comfort and productivity.  Our trainers will highlight the need to incorporate ergonomic principles in an office environment and emphasize the importance of behavioural changes where applicable.

During the office ergonomic workshop, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • The health benefits of alternating between sitting and standing

  • How work posture affects the neck, back, and upper limbs

  • Resting, stretching, and strengthening the body and avoiding eye fatigue

  • Workstation design, height, and layout

  • Choosing and setting up a computer screen, keyboard, mouse, chair, and lighting

  • The role of ergonomic accessories such as shorter keyboards, ergonomic mice, footrests, document holders, and keyboard trays as they relate to the workstation

This is our most popular office ergonomic presentation in Ottawa and Gatineau. We present all information in a way that allows participants to relate it to their workstations and include a touch of humour so they can learn and have fun at the same time.

Back Education and Safe Lifting

This office ergonomic training workshop in Ottawa and Gatineau is applicable to office employees whose job may require them to perform manual handling tasks such as lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, and reaching.

Our trainers will discuss the following topics:

  • The essential anatomy of the back and causes of common injuries

  • Proper work posture and related musculoskeletal concerns, including those that affect the neck, back and upper limbs

  • The effect that sitting and standing has on our backs

  • How to reduce injuries through the use of physical techniques involving reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, carrying, and lifting

  • When to use mechanical aids and other lifting techniques such as a two-person lift

  • The importance of rest breaks, stretching, and strengthening exercises

We’ll incorporate practice and demonstrations when applicable.

Becoming an Ergo Coach

This program lasts one to two days depending on participants’ previous knowledge of ergonomics. At the end of this program the ergo coach will have the skills and materials needed to conduct office ergonomic assessments tailored to the work environment.

We’ll look at topics such as:

  • Workstation set-up, adjustment, height, and layout

  • Sitting and standing workstations

  • Musculoskeletal concerns related to proper work posture, including effects on the neck, back and upper limbs

  • Computer screen, keyboard, mouse, chair, and ergo accessories

Ergo coaching, paired with practical application and resource materials will give your coach the proper skills to conduct office workstation assessments. We’ll also discuss recommended reference materials and organizations as well as where they can be obtained or found. We’ll end the program with a practical workstation assessment, wrap-up, and question-and-answer period.

Virtual Ergo Coach Course

For details about any of our industrial or office ergonomics training programs in Ottawa, please contact us.

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