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Industrial Ergonomics Training


Wondering how to prevent back injuries in an industrial work environment? Let the experienced team at Ergo-Safety teach you and your team how to work safely through industrial ergonomics training and back injury prevention in Ottawa, Gatineau, and the surrounding areas.


What is Industrial Ergonomics?

Industrial Ergonomics deals with the relationship between employees and their working environment.
It emphasizes ensuring that your employees have the right tools to perform their jobs. This in turn increases productivity, reduces injury rates and keeps your employees happy.

Our Workshops*

Back Education and Safe Lifting

This workshop is applicable to employees who work in the field or in laboratories, mail rooms, warehouses, etc. and to any office employee whose job requires them to manually handle equipment, loads, etc.

During the workshop, participants will learn the following:

  • Basic back anatomy and causes of common injuries

  • The effects of work posture on the neck, back, and upper limbs

  • How to prevent injuries by using specific techniques for reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, carrying, and lifting

  • When to use mechanical aids or assisted lifting techniques, such as a two-person lift

  • The value of taking breaks, stretching, and practicing strengthening exercises

We’ll include practice and demonstrations where applicable.

Industrial Ergonomics

This workshop is designed to introduce most aspects of industrial ergonomics.

Topics that we’ll cover include:

  • The goal and benefits of ergonomics

  • Identifying ergonomic problems

  • Anthropometrics and workspace

  • Industrial risk factors such as force, posture, repetition, vibration, and contact stress

  • Musculoskeletal disorders

  • Workstation design and controls

  • Guidelines for work layout, reaches, heights, and clearances

  • Standing and seated workstations

  • Manual materials handling

  • Hand-tool design

  • Controls and displays

  • Shift work

  • Work environment design

  • Work organization

  • Ergonomic task analysis and assessment tools and techniques

  • An overview of implementing an ergonomics program

Vehicular Ergonomics and Safe Driving

This workshop introduces how ergonomics can be applied to vehicle design and driver safety and comfort. This workshop is especially applicable to any person who has to travel for work.

We’ll cover topics such as:

  • The effects of prolonged driving on your body

  • Proper driving and sitting posture

  • Good driving habits

  • Cell phone and laptop safety

  • Getting out of your vehicle

  • The ideal car seat

  • Adjusting your headrest

  • Hand, wheel, and body position

  • Signs of fatigue

  • Tips to avoid drowsy driving

Physical/Job Demands Analysis

This workshop gives participants an overview of how to conduct a physical demands analysis, also called a job demands analysis.

Participants will learn about the following topics:

  • Ergonomics

  • Employer and employee benefits

  • Aggravating postures and factors

  • Job demands analysis (JDA)

  • Development and history

  • What is a JDA? (in terms of physical, cognitive, and environmental aspects)

  • Its importance to organizations

  • Benefits of carrying out a JDA

  • JDAs and human rights

  • JDAs and matching a job and an applicant

  • Interpreting the JDA chart

  • Assessment tools and techniques

  • Conducting a JDA

  • Narrative and writing style

  • Using JDAs for injury prevention and returning to work


Ergo-Safety Inc is now offering a 2-hour Ergo Coach training course on ergonomics specifically to help laboratory workers. This course is geared towards educating employees who work in an Ergo advisory role.


We briefly review and cover topics provided in the office Ergo Coach course and cover topics specifically focused on lab environments. This information can be helpful for those Ergo Coaches who perform basic pro-active or preventive ergonomic assessments and for individuals who help implement ergonomic assessment report recommendations.


Here are the topics covered in the course:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries in the lab

  • Chair, keyboard, mouse and screen setup

  • Visual fatigue

  • Sitting and standing

  • Lab ergonomic risk factors

  • Aggravating postures and factors in the lab

  • Layout, reaches and heights

  • Manual material handling and lifting

  • Lab hand tools

  • Administrative controls

  • Problems and potential solutions

  • Specific stretches for lab workers


We can also design other workshops for your particular requirements.

To schedule training or to find out more about industrial ergonomics and back injury prevention, contact Ergo-Safety today! You can also call us at 613-831-7120 to learn more about our workshops on industrial ergonomics in Ottawa.

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