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Office Ergonomic Assessments

office Ergonomic Assessments in Ottawa and Gatineau

Our team is uniquely qualified to conduct practical and budget-conscious office ergonomic assessments in Ottawa and Gatineau, we come to your work or home office. Wherever possible, we optimize and adjust existing office equipment to minimize and alleviate ergonomic risk factors. At Ergo-Safety, we know how important suitable office furniture, seating, and workstation accessories are for an employee’s comfort and productivity. In fact, not all people can use the same equipment due to the differences in their body shapes and possible medical conditions. Our professional recommendations aim to improve your team’s well-being and your company’s organizational efficiency.

Did You Know?

Many Ontario private insurance companies will reimburse your home or small business ergonomic assessment when executed by a recognized medical health professional such as a Registered Kinesiologist. Some insurance plans may require a referral from your family physician. Please inquire today with any questions you may have.


We teach workers proper posture, workstation set up, and more.

We’re an Objective, Government-Approved NMSO Service Provider

Ergo-Safery is proud to be on the list of approved NMSO suppliers: E60ZH-190000/023/ZH. 


All of our ergonomic assessors are specifically trained to assess individuals in office environments, and all of our reports are reviewed by a Certified Canadian professional ergonomist. Our Ottawa ergonomic assessment techniques and checklists comply with the Canadian Standards Association's Office Ergonomic Guidelines (CAN/CSA - Z412-M00) and the Canada Labour Code (CLC), Part II, Section 125. (1)(t).


There are times when a health-and-safety professional or joint health-and-safety committee experiences difficulty in relating specific knowledge to workplace parties or when a company wants an independent, outside viewpoint or evaluation. In such cases, companies turn to a neutral third party like Ergo-Safety.


We sincerely thank you for the trust you have always placed in us for your ergonomic needs and look forward to continuing to provide you our high level of customer service, comprehensive reports and expertise as we have in the past.

What Happens During an Ergonomic Assessment in ottawa and gatineau?

Assessments usually last around one hour. During each visit, we will:

  • Identify any ergonomic risk factors associated with the person’s physical and anthropometric characteristics

  • Identify how the person interfaces with his or her workstation and equipment (i.e. desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.)

  • Implement any changes possible at the time of the evaluation (i.e. chair, monitor, and mouse adjustments, etc.)

  • Educate the person on safe working postures and habits as well as basic principles of ergonomics

  • Prepare a report containing our findings, any changes made, and supporting photographs as well as our short- and long-term recommendations for minimizing risk and alleviating discomfort, including examples of suggested equipment and where it can be obtained. We will make every effort to work with the employee’s existing furniture and equipment.

We offer competitive rates for our full and mini ergonomic assessments in Ottawa and Gatineau and volume discounts for multiple assessments carried out at the same location. All of our services are available in both official languages. Feel free to call us for an estimate.

More About Assessments

We Can Help You Find the Proper Equipment

Proper planning can minimize problems and save you money in the long run. If you’re renovating, relocating your business, setting up a new office, or purchasing new furniture, chairs, or computer accessories, you should involve an ergonomist in the process to ensure a smooth transition and that the best ergonomic choices are made. Our ergonomists, kinesiologists, and physiotherapists have the experience to help you pick the right ergonomic suppliers and manufacturers.

Please note that Ergo-Safety doesn’t have and has never had any alliance or agreements with any office workstation, furniture, or ergonomic accessory providers. We’re committed to providing non-biased professional advice based on our expertise in the field of ergonomics. We make recommendations based on our findings of existing and potential ergonomic risk factors. We do our best to incorporate existing workstations and equipment in our solutions, but when that’s not possible or when the equipment doesn’t meet the CSA's Office Ergonomics guidelines, we’ll recommend alternatives. 

Call us today to find out more information about our ergonomic assessments in Ottawa and Gatineau! 

Four-Minute Stretch

Here are a few easy exercises for your employees to try out at work.

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